Everest Solvent Pvt.Ltd

Established in the year….. by our Chairman our solvent extraction plant has the crushing capacity of nearly 150,000 tons….

Shree Shyam Simran Metal Industry

Shree shyam simran metal industries is a metal manufacturing unit that manufacturers metal tins and has the….

Bohra Trade Concern

Simran agro is one of the biggest procurers of farm grown corn and also provides warehousing facilities……

Everest Pulses Pvt.Ltd

Founded in the year….. Everest pulses is a state of the art unit. It is one of the biggest pulses industries in Nepal with the total production capacity of nearly 50,000 tons. With pulses like masoor, chana, moong, toor, arhar…. 

Bhumi Construction

Proud in delivering projects that shape our community and strengthens out our nation’s infrastructure. Bhumi construction was established in the year….. with a single motive of long lasting infrastructural development that strengthens our nation. 

Bohra Dahal Capital Investments

Bohra Dahal capital investments is a venture capitalist firm that invests in prime location lands and properties and develops them. We also invest in startups..

Jaisani Trade Concern

Jaisani trade concern is a trading house that deals in supply of coal and bitumen used as an energy source by manufacturing units and for pavin……

Simran Farms Pvt. Ltd

We at Simran farms are dedicated to grow the best of fruits in the rich soil lands of Nepal. We grow bananas oranges and mushrooms in nearly 20 acres of land….

Simran Agro Pvt.Ltd

Simran agro is one of the biggest procurers of farm grown corn and also provides warehousing facilities to farmers and other traders in Nepal….

Simran Enterprises

Simran enterprises is a sister concern under the bohra group that deals in local procured and manufactured FMCG products! It is one of the most valued trading house in th…..


Forecasting that the banking and financial service sector would have a tremendous growth potential in our country, we are one of the majority stake holders in commerci….