Board members

Dr. Abinash Bohra

Our chairman Dr. Abinash Bohra is the third generation of the the Bohra group family. Coming from the history of family owned business, Dr Abinash has taken Bohra group to new heights and has given the group a diverse line of business sectors.

Dr. Abinash was elected as the youngest president of chambers of commerce, Nepal and has served the organisation for 2 consecutive tenures. He is also the current president of Nepal India chambers of commerce (province 1).
He was also elected as senet to the education board of Nepal. Currently running as executive committee member to one of the oldest and most powerful business organization of Nepal, FNCCI. 
He was facilitated with the doctorate title by the European university in the year 2020 for his excellent contribution to business and the economy of our country Nepal.
Mr Bohra has also been awarded with best industrialist award in the year 2018-2019 by our former Prime Minister, Honourable Mr  Jhalnath khanal.

Shagun Bohra

Having received an education abroad and a rich experience as a business development and Investment and financial analyst from London , Mr. Bohra brings an exceptional global as well as an insightful domestic approach to Bohra Group’s functioning. His ambition and passion towards bringing about effective solutions to social and business problems has also earned him to share his views on the Economic panel of 2022 on the current economic situation and budget of Nepal (2080). Currently, he is involved in leading the oil refinery, international trade and the financial investment division at Bohra group.  

Kiran Bohra

Mrs Bohra is the First Lady at Bohra group in three generations to join the family led business.

Mrs Bohra brings more than just immaculate financial management to Bohra Group’s success story with her hold on financial activities and the recovery system of payments..
With her education as an MBA graduate, Mrs Bohra is not just an inspiration to the work force but also to the society.
She is keen on helping old age homes and having a shelter home for stray dogs.

Nikhil Jaisani

  • As a multipotentialite, Mr Jaisani brings immeasurable values to Bohra group. Managing and handling Bohra groups operations at the eastern zone of Nepal, he implies and shows true leadership qualities. Mr Jaisani is also the lead to international trade and relations, and is director to one of Nepals most renowned and diversified trading house of Nepal. 
Representing Nepal as National president of our country for round table in the year 2016-2017. 
Mr Jaisani is not just a business profile but an inspiration to every youth that wants to hold up to their business as well as their representation of personal and social skills.